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Kayak Building - Facilitating a Workshop


Work Area:
A large shop or warehouse is needed. Should be approx. 25’ x 40’ or more for 5-6 stations. Good lighting and several power outlets.


Tools to be Provided by Host: (Participants may have these that they could bring)
Table saw (Only need it to rip a few boards at the start – If the boards are ripped, we do not need the table saw.)
Extra Small Cut-Off saw – I will bring one, but having another one would be good.
Old oven for bending ribs – We may not need this, depending on how we will finish the cockpit area.
Several Extension Cords
Extra Hand Orbital sander – I will bring one – and extra would be good.
A couple of tables or stands to put cut-off saws on

Each Participant Needs to bring:
Portable Drill, Extra Battery, and Charger
Tape Measure
2 Saw Horses
Disposable gloves to keep glue off hands (optional)
Eye Protection (Safety Glasses)
Ear Protection (Ear Muffs or Plugs)


Bob Will Supply:
Special bits and counter sinks
Belt Sander – Portable
Small fine tooth hand saw
Drummel with standard assorted attachments- sanding wheels etc.
Orbital Palm Sander
Hand Sure Form
Jig saw with course rip blade
Hack Saw with metal blade
2-Staple guns (that use Arrow staples)
Small Square
Heavy Box cutter
Phillips and Regular Screw Driver
Set of drill bits, various sizes 1/8” to ½”
Heat gun
Sand Paper
Cut off Saw



Material List for ONE Boat


These are finished dimensions of materials need for one boat. They can be cut out of one 16’- 1x8 (actual measurements are ¾ x 7 ½). It is important that the ¾” x ¾” pieces be marked as they are cut so that they can be matched pairs of grain.

6 – 16’x 3/4”x 3/4” Straight grained, no knots
1 – 16’x 3/4”x 1 ¾” Straight grained, no knots
1 – 6’ x 1” x 6” (Actual measurement is ¾” x 5 ½”)
1 - Plywood Exterior – Rough 1”- 4 x 8 Sheet – for the whole class
1 - Plywood Exterior – Smooth one side – 1/8” – 4x8 for the whole class

These items need to be source ahead of time and be sure they are in stock and available at the time of the course.

Large quilting hoop (18-24”)

Canvas 10 oz and 14 oz.  72” wide - 2’ longer than boat. The 10 oz is pretty cheap at Wal-Mart

Cordage or leather for deck:

20’ – ¼” line for rigging –Econ Braid (West Marine)
6’ – 7/16” cord for small cockpit (West Marine)
8’ – 7/16” cord for large cockpit (West Marine)


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