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Kayak Building - Measurements


Measurements for Traditional Kayak


Name __________________________________

Body Measurements:

Cubit (from tip of fingers to outside of elbow) =

Fathom (from tips of fingers with arms stretched out) =

Fist (height of fist) =

Fistmele (height of fist with thumb sticking straight up) =

Hand Span (width of hand from tip of thumb to tip of little finger, with fingers spread) =

Foot (length of foot, big toe to heel) =

Measurements for Boat:


Three Fathoms plus a Cubic (Long Boat)=
Three Fathoms (Average Boat) =
Three Fathoms minus a Cubic (Short Boat) =

Width: Hips plus 2 Fist =

Foot Rest Area: Toe height =
Width at widest point =

Back Rest Height: (Floor to top of Deck) Fistmele =

Back Rest Position: One Foot plus one fist (Distance behind center) =

Foot Rest Position: Measure on floor, in boat

Mastic Height: Measure on floor in boat

Mastic Position: Measure on floor in boat

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