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Karen K. Knight

ACA Instructor Trainers
615 Venice
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
Bob Foote

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Fees – Terms and Conditions
For the past three years the record setting prices of diesel have had an impact on our business. We have been reluctant to raise our fees for quite sometime, but find for the 2007 season we must make a minor price increase (**). 
To hire one of us to teach a canoeing or kayaking skills class:    
2006 price was $500 per day          **2007 price will be $590 per day

To hire both of us to teach a canoeing or kayaking skills class:
2006 price was $750 per day             2007 price is still $750 per day
Notice we have not increased our fee when you hire both of us to teach. The fee is less than one and one-half the daily rate that is charged when just one of us is hired– what a bargain. When working together we can accommodate more paddlers in the class and because we have different, yet complimentary styles, the students will get even more out of it.

Fees – Terms and Conditions

Rates - Fees for instruction are based upon a day rate regardless of the number of students.  A full day’s fee will be charged for any class over 4 hours.  A half-day class (4 hours or less) will be one-half the day rate. When Bob and Karen teach separately, the maximum class size is 6. With a qualified assistant or when Bob and Karen teach together, the maximum class size is 10 – 12 (dependent upon the type of class). Less than one and one-half times the day rate is charged when Bob and Karen are hired to teach as a team ($750 per day).
For one on one private instruction the price is reduced to make it more affordable. Half day rate is $200 and for a full day $400.
Paddling symposiums and certain special events may be negotiable. Contact us for rates on ACA Instructor Development Workshops and Instructor Certification Exam Courses. Payment is due upon services rendered.
Travel Expenses - Travel expenses are included in the above rates if we are able to incorporate the sessions within our teaching circuit.  If not, and a special trip is required, the cost of travel needs be paid by the sponsor, in advance. For example - if we are New England for a few weeks teaching and in the midst of that time a group in CA asks us to come out to teach, instead of driving we would fly. In that case the cost of the airline ticket would be added to the fee.
Deposits - A $500 deposit is necessary to schedule a class. In certain cases the deposit may be waived.
Cancellations - Teaching canoeing and kayaking is our livelihood. Because we are on the road eight months out of the year and have to arrange our schedule well in advance, we rely upon our sponsor’s commitments to hold and promote the classes and events for which they have booked. May through September is our busy season and when dates for classes are at a premium. When a class is cancelled less than three months prior to the date, not only does it affect us financially and logistically, but it affects our other sponsors who could have used that date for their classes.
If you must cancel three months prior to the scheduled class or event the deposit will be retained. If cancellation occurs three months or less before the class and we are unable to arrange for an alternative engagement, the balance of the entire fee will be due and payable. We would like to assure you that we will do our best to find an alternative engagement if this were to happen. In the case that we must cancel our participation in a class or event, we will refund your deposit, if any.
By booking our time for a class or event, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions and any additional or modified terms that may be specifically agreed to in writing, including e-mail.
Thanks and we look forward to paddling with you.

Bob and Karen



Learn how to Make a Deposit or Payment

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