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After years of traveling around the country teaching students how to paddle and living out of their travel trailer 24/7, Karen and Bob have finally decided to settle down. They got an offer they couldn’t refuse and are now living in Denton, MD, which is 2 hours from Washington D.C. on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Although their home no longer has wheels, they are still traveling, teaching paddling, and guiding trips, albeit Bob on a more selective basis due to his new position.

Between them they can teach flat water canoeing (including Freestyle), whitewater canoeing, whitewater kayaking, and kayaking – beginner through advanced. Both are ACA Instructor Trainers in all of the above disciplines and offer ACA Instructor Development Workshops and Certification classes all over the country for camps, the Scouts, colleges, and for the general public.

Bob has taught canoeing and kayaking to literally hundreds of students over the years. One of his most unique gifts as a teacher is the ability to watch a student and precisely analyze that individual's strengths and weaknesses. He can then translate that analysis into meaningful demonstrations and instruction that will produce results. His understanding of the dynamics of canoeing and kayaking is truly inspirational. Bob also excels at teaching how to read water and work with it rather against it.

Karen is like the Michael Jordon of grace and beauty on the water. Her grace and elegance is unequalled. She is soft spoken, but has a keen eye when it comes to instruction and can help anyone become a better paddler. She is versatile, not only as a teacher but as a paddler, which gives her a broad base of knowledge to draw from.

You will be hard pressed to find another teaching team with such depth, patience and love for the sport of paddling, as Bob and Karen.

If you would like a class in your area do not hesitate to contact them.


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