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Picture Gallery - A Sad Story








Once upon a time, a young man named Jake went on a canoe trip with Bob Foote down the Middle Fork of the Salmon river. Jake needed a boat to paddle so Bob loaned him his prized Kevlar Rival. But Bob delivered a dire warning, don't mess-up this boat or else!

The trip progressed well until we reached the dreaded "Tappen Falls" Rapid. Bob gave us the line to miss the killer rock pile. Jake had a moment of inspiration and tried a "new" line... Crash!!! Jake and the rock pile became intimately acquainted. Bob winced, but the boat appeared to be okay.

A few days later at "Weber" Rapid, Jake once again searches for a challenging line. After an exciting time surfing in a huge hole, Jake flushes out and heads for shore. Bob paddles up and asks what is wrong; it seems that Jake's boat is leaking... They pull it up on a rock for a look, and the rest is history. 

We buried Jake later that day, RIP!

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